Swedish Massage

Designed for the ultimate in relaxation, this massage uses light to moderate pressure with longer flowing strokes. This classic massage helps to improve circulation and creates a sense of well-being and balance.Your therapist can work with you if you are experiencing any areas of stress or soreness.
60 Minutes $110 * 75 Minutes $140 * 90 minutes $165

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is an alternative form of holistic therapy that uses essential oils to improve and balance you emotionally and physically. It is a path to take time for yourself, to be more mindful and reconnect with oneself. The pure aromas experienced have a positive and dynamic effect on the mind and body.
We are pleased to present our Signature Aromatherapy Massage using the finest quality essential oil blends from Aromatherapy Associates. You will begin your journey with a customized selection of one of seven pure oils to be used during your treatment. Your choice will include two for pure relaxation, one for de-stressing, two for reviving, one for renewal and lastly, one for inner strength. This signature treatment will create a renewed sense of balance, well-being and relaxation.
50 minutes $110 * 80 minutes $165

Deep Tissue Massage

Firm and more direct pressure will help to relieve back and body stress. Deeper techniques will be targeted towards chronic areas. Your therapist will discuss problem areas that need attention and create a detailed therapeutic massage to work on specific muscle groups.
50 Minutes $100 * 80 Minutes $155

Arnica Body Melt Back Therapy

This intensive treatment focuses on soothing sore, tired muscles with Naturopathica’s Arnica Muscle Gel. Your therapist will use a combination of this soothing gel, warm towels and various massage techniques to release stress and tension in your back.Your treatment will be finished with warm towels on the neck and shoulder area and a relaxing scalp massage.
50 Minutes $100 * 80 Minutes $155

Maine River Hot Stone Massage

For centuries, heated stones have been used to alleviate pain and soothe the soul. Excellent for stress relief, this relaxing treatment combines the warmth of Maine River stones, the therapist’s hands and aromatic oils to soothe and renew. The experience will leave you feeling calm and tranquil while clearing toxins and restoring balance to your bod; An unforgettable experience!
80 Minutes $155

Mother-To-Be Well Being Massage

Reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being with this massage specifically designed for expectant mothers. A variety of massage techniques will be used to increase circulation, relieve muscle tension and reduce stress. Pillows are strategically placed to assist in comfort for this massage. Massage is not recommended in your first trimester. Please note how far along the mother-to-be will be at the time of this massage when scheduling your appointment.
60 Minutes $110 * 75 Minutes $140 * 90 minutes $165

Mother-To-Be Pampered Bliss

This relaxing treatment begins with a lightly scented, warm foot soak followed by a foot, ankle and calf exfoliation using a ginger lime sugar scrub.Next, using Erbaviva’s Refreshing Foot Balm, your feet will be lightly massage with the hydrating cream. Next comes the rest of your body…allow our therapists to relax and rejuvenate your tired muscles with a light massage specifically designed for the mother-to-be. Using strategically placed pillows and a variety of massage techniques to increase circulation, this massage will relieve tension and reduce stress. Your treatment will finish with an all over body application of a hydrating body lotion.An application of Erbaviva’s Mommy Belly Butter or Stretchmark Oil is optional. To continue the benefit of wellness at home, your service includes an Erbaviva Mommy to Be Travel Kit (retail value $31).
80 Minutes $165

Sports Massage

Target specific areas for release in overworked and tight muscles. Special attention given to neck, upper back and shoulders. Work with your therapist to pinpoint areas needing special attention; this therapeutic experience will leave you feeling rejuvenated and invigorated.
50 Minutes $100 * 80 Minutes $155


Blissful attention to the most neglected areas of the body; this treatment starts with a soothing scented foot bath customized with essential oils. A light exfoliating foot scrub will help to rid your feet of dry skin and soften your soles; Your therapist will work to ease tension and create balance as ancient healing techniques correlate pressure points on the feet with specific areas of the body.
Not recommended for pregnancy.
50 Minutes $100 * 80 Minutes $155

Thai Yoga Massage

If the mind and body are true alignment, a state of overall well-being is achieved. This integration between yoga and massage is used to promote the experience of both clarity and mind-body unity. Originating in India, this Integrated Thai Yoga Massage combines gentle, assisted yoga stretches with deep-tissue manipulation to move stagnant life-energy through existing energy channels. You will experience a sense of renewal, well-being and self-awareness. This integration of Thai Yoga and massage modalities is performed on a massage table.
Please wear comfortable, loose fitting pants or yoga pants for this service.
50 Minutes $100 * 80 Minutes $155

25 minutes of Reflexology can be included in any 80 Minute Service for the same price, please mention when scheduling