Please note the following:

  • All services are offered by appointment only
  • We will be practicing wellness checks on our employees daily and they will not be allowed to work if they are not feeling well.
  • There is adequate extra time allowed in between guests to ensure a proper and thorough cleaning and sanitation
  • Please follow social distancing whenever possible
  • Hand washing is highly encouraged throughout your visit to the spa and required upon entry
  • Please come to your appointment alone. Family and friends are not allowed in the spa unless they are receiving a treatment

We require that any guests that answer YES to the following questions will be asked to reschedule their appointment:

  1. Do you have a cough, sore throat or fever?
  2. Are you experiencing a shortness of breath or respiratory problems?
  3. Have you lost your sense of taste or smell?
  4. Have you been in close proximity to anyone exhibiting the above symptoms in the last 14 days?
  5. Have you been living with anyone sick or quarantined?