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Aromatherapy works to balance you emotionally and physically and to assist you in being mindful and relaxed. These custom treatments from Aromatherapy Associates use only the finest and most natural essential oils to assist you on your quest for wellness and renewal.

Using products from Aromatherapy Associates to relax and renew
50 minute services $100 * 80 minute services $160

Clear Your Mind Perfect for times of stress and over-activity, this treatment will help your mind to unwind and refocus, getting you back on track.Particularly helpful for those dealing with high levels of every-day stress and strains caused by a demanding lifestyle.Using various scented oils and products from Aromatherapy Associates, this rebalancing treatment will leave feeling pampered and renewed by creating a sense of clarity and overall well-being.
80 minutes

Detox & Revive Body Treatment
Perfect for those times of over-indulgence or when you are feeling just a bit sluggish, this treatment combines uplifting citrus oils to leave you feeling invigorated and full of energy.Also great for those who travel regularly, a light body wrap will provide much needed hydration and renewal.
50 minutes

Immune Recovery Treatment
This treatment will focus on your upper body to help cleanse, clear and de-congest.Recommended for those under stress while suffering with conditions such as seasonal allergies or congestion.Using Aromatherapy Associate’s Breathe Support Essence, De-Stress Muscle Gel and Support Breathe Body Oil, this treatment will help to clear your mind while supporting your immune system. Recommended for those recovering from a recent illness and not in the acute phase.
50 minutes

Intense Nourishment Body Treatment
A deep treatment for dry, devitalized skin will leave your whole body feeling intensely nourished and smooth.This service includes a rich natural exfoliating scrub followed by a layering of a hydrating gel combined with a moisturizing body butter.This “Facial for the Body” uses products from Aromatherapy Associates that will pamper, nourish and renew.
80 minutes

Intensive Muscle Release Massage
This intensive massage will focus on areas needing special attention. This therapeutic treatment is particularly recommended for tense, aching muscles and joint discomfort in the neck, shoulders, lower back, arms and legs. Using Aromatherapy Associate’s De-Stress Muscle Gel and Body Oil, this massage will address your issues and leave you feeling renewed and balanced. The extra time that this 80 minute therapeutic massage allows your therapist to concentrate on areas of special concern. You will leave feeling like a new renewed and relaxed.Please let us know when booking or at check in if you would like to include 20 minutes of Reflexology within your 80 minute Massage.
50 minutes or 80 minutes

Rose Renewal Body Treatment
This intensely hydrating body treatment includes a layering of rich Rose Serum, Rose Oil and Body Cream, leaving your body radiant, soft and smooth .Great for those seeking a sense of nurturing and pampering, this uplifting treatment will hydrate your body and renew your spirit.
50 minutes

Sleep Deeply Massage
This head-to-toe massage uses carefully applied pressures combined with calming essential oils to induce a serious state of relaxation, leaving you prepared for a sound and restful night’s sleep. Also good for those suffering from the effects of jet lag or over-exhaustion. You will leave feeling relaxed and renewed.
80 minutes

The Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience
This balancing renewal treatment begins with a brief consultation with your therapist to uncover both your emotional and physical needs.Together you will select an aromatherapy oil that is most suitable.There are twelve signature oils to choose from, formulated by Aromatherapy Associates, with natural plant and flower oils. This extended massage will target any areas needing special attention as well as the whole body to create balance and relaxation.The wonderful and exotic scents will provide powerful therapeutic benefit for both the body and mind.
80 minutes

Uplift your Mood
For times when you need some emotional pampering, this indulgent treatment will help to harmonize your body and renew your spirit. Recommended for those looking to reboot, energize and re-balance, this treatment uses scented oils and gels from Aromatherapy Associates.
80 minutes