Dermalogica ProSkin Facial Treatment

This skincare treatment from Dermalogica is the ultimate in customization and will vary every time. The facial consists of 6 modules, each 10 minutes, each one customized by your Skincare Therapist based on your facial needs.

Included is Double Cleansing, Resurfacing, Extractions (as needed), Touch Therapy (Massage), Deep Treatment and Dermal Layering. This extensive treatment will take you on a rejuvenating journey to your healthiest looking skin.
60 minutes $125

Dermalogica Pro Bright Skin Treatment 30 minutes

The all-new Pro Bright Facial from Dermalogica is a high-intensity, 3-step treatment to boost absorption of  Vitamin C – addressing uneven skin tone for brighter, smoother skin.

This treatment will directly pigmentation challenges using a state of the art Vitamin C formulation.
30 minutes $90
Also available in a series of 3 ~ $243 (10% Savings)

To maximize the benefits of this brightening facial, we recommend Vitamin C products for home care.  Save 10% on any Dermalogica or Image Skincare Vitamin C retail items if purchased on the day of your facial 

Waxing and Lash Tinting

Starting at $25