This unique and thoughtful monthly gift program is perfect for anyone who loves to spa!  We know that the benefit and afterglow of a spa treatment does not last forever….this monthly gift program will help create a sense of relaxation, calm and well-being throughout the year.  A hand selected gift will arrive monthly with a personalized note including instructions on how to achieve the most benefit from the item.  A perfect reminder to slow down, relax and practice the art of self-care!

Monthly gifts include candles, diffusers, soaps. lotions, body scrubs, teas and much more.  You can select the number of months (3, 6 or 12 month packages) and the first month for shipping. Each monthly gift has a value of $40 or more.  Once we receive your spa gift order, we will send a personal note from you to the lucky recipient that also describes the program.

Three Month Program – $105

Six Month Program – $210

Twelve Month Program – $420

A shipping charge of $4.95 per month will be added to your order

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